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Anemones, Corals & Jellyfish

Beware of the cnidaria – they sting! Well, not all of them can harm you but all species within this diverse group have stinging cells, called nematocysts, which they use to catch their prey.

Devonshire Cup Coral © Lawson Wood Ocean

 Devonshire Cup Corals © Lawson Wood Ocean Eye Films

Sea anemones, jellyfish and corals all belong in this group. They all look significantly different, and this is due to their life cycles. Cnidarians have two life stages: medusa (free-swimming) and polyps (sessile). Jellyfish are the best example of species which have a free-swimming phase, whereas most only have a polyp stage.   

Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones are beautiful sea creatures which come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They can be found on most rocky shores, and some can live in waters up to 200m deep!





Images by Lawson Wood Ocean Eye Films & Katherine Dunsford

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