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The Board

Who We Are


Sally Walsh, Chair

I live locally having made a move back to Scotland in 2021 and am committed to supporting the Berwickshire Marine Reserve as we continue to excite and educate the community about this amazing place.

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Andy Colls,Treasurer

I became a Trustee and treasurer of the Berwickshire Marine Reserve in 2017. I am passionate about the environment and have been an avid scuba diver since 1987 regularly diving the Scottish Borders area.

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Caroline Lathe, Secretary

I am a science teacher at the local high school and I have always been interested in Marine Biology.


I worked for a couple of years as the Marine Education Officer for the Hebridean Islands which gave me the chance to be involved in the research being done by HWDC. This also allowed me to observe plenty of cetaceans and other marine life as well as finding out more about local commercial activities such as salmon farming.

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Sarah Campbell

I moved to Coldingham Moor with my husband in October 2022 and have been volunteering
with the Berwickshire Marine Reserve since December. I have taken part in a variety of
activities including beach cleaning, intertidal surveys and science experiments with local
schoolchildren, and have become increasingly aware of the role that the BMR plays in the
protection and promotion of this unique coastal area.

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Johnny Johnston MBE

The sea has played a major part in my life for as far back as I can remember and has been
the ONLY means of my finding an occupation that was always a challenge that has kept me
captivated when I really felt is this all worthwhile.
I left school at 15 years old with no formal qualifications except for the school of life that I
found in the rock pools and beaches that was my playground from as early as I could

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