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Rockpool Kits

The BMR has lots of rockpooling locations waiting for you to discover!

During the schools holidays our rockpool kit backpacks are available for hire at £5 per day and have everything you need to get started exploring our shores. They have a tray to collect creatures, a magnifying glass to observe them up close and a bug pot to view small fish or shrimps in. There is also a handy ID guide so you can figure out what you are finding on the shores!

Not only does hiring a kit help to save you some money, but it also keeps our beaches and coastline free of plastic products by reducing the amount of single-use plastic being purchased locally.

Visit our Marine Education Centre to find out more. Please remember follow our code of conduct for rockpooling when you are out, and check out our rockpooling guide for more information on where to go! 

Thank you to Fauna and Flora international Community Support Fund for supporting this project.

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