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We would like to thank Magic Little Grants and DPD Ecofund who provided funding to allow us to get this project up and running. 

Shorewatch is a project overseen by Whale and Dolphin Conservation. There are lots of Shorewatch sites around Scotland and two in the Berwickshire Marine Reserve! We have sites at Coldingham and Eyemouth and once trained, volunteers are free to watch from these and any other Shorewatch sites around Scotland. 

A Shorewatch survey is a ten minute survey conducted from a designated site. Details of any cetacean seen are submitted to WDC and form the backbone of their efforts to protect whales and dolphins in our waters. The data collected also helps us monitor the species and number of cetaceans in the BMR. 

Shorewatch volunteers are trained in survey methods and cetacean identification. If you would like to become a Shorewatcher just get in touch! 

For more information on the project please see here

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