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Diving in the Berwickshire Marine Reserve

Bellow the waves lie spectacular kelp forests, home to a vast array of sea creatures, including sea urchins, starfish, sea slugs and a host of different fish species. As you descend deeper colourful soft corals swathe reefs and Wolffish lurk in cracks and crevices. 


Berwickshire’s coastal waters have long been renowned for their abundance and diversity of marine life and spectacular underwater scenery. Grey Seals, Harbour Porpoises, Bottlenose Dolphins and Minke Whales can all be seen here, and in the summer months over 45,000 nesting seabirds occupy the cliffs at St Abbs head.


© Lawson Wood Ocean Eye Films

We have identified a number of dive sites that we think demonstrate the wealth and diversity of marine life and habitats to be found within the Reserve, as shown on the map to the left. Click through the interactive map to find out more about each dive site.

We ask that divers comply with our Code of Conduct, which should be observed whether diving within or outside of the Marine Reserve, to help us look after our wildlife and habitats. 

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