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Wolffish Watch

Hidden amongst the rocks and kelp forests within Berwickshire Marine Reserve, lives a hideous creature that we have come to love – the Arctic Wolffish. Here due to cold water currents originating in the Arctic, it is one of the only places in the UK where you can catch a glimpse of this formidable fish in inshore waters.

Wolffish are a climate indicator species, as they have a very specific temperature range and can only survive where water temperatures are optimum. The North Sea has warmed by 2°C in the last 20 years, and a continued rise in temperature may result in our wolffish moving to cooler deeper water.

For as long as divers have been plunging beneath the waves at St Abbs they have been fascinated by the wolffish and have long been a “must-see” whilst diving in the clean clear waters of the Reserve.

We need your help to monitor the abundance and distribution of wolffish within the Reserve so we can see if their numbers are changing over time.

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If you don't have an i-phone but would still like to log your sightings, you can enter all details here: