Wildlife of the Berwickshire Marine Reserve  


Snorkelling Photo - Beadlet Anemonies (P

Marine Life

The marine life in our waters comes in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes. And not forgetting the seaweed which  forms the base of the foodchain... 



Wildlife Sightings

What weird and wonderful creatures have you seen on your visit to the Marine Reserve? Whether you were rockpooling, snorkelling, diving or walking the coastal path, we want to know!


Fulmar - KD

Bird Watching

Each summer tens of thousands of seabirds descend upon the cliffs of St Abbs Head. This spectacle is a must-sea for bird lovers far and near...



Advice on Wildlife

We want everyone to experience the wonders the Marine Reserve has to offer, but we must do this responsibly and give wildlife the respect it deserves...