Seasearch is a project for snorkelers and divers who want to help

collect information about the marine environment by recording

what they are seeing under the water. 

It is run by the Marine Conservation Society with help from partner

organisations including local wildlife trusts and other coordinators.


Seasearch needs information from sites all around the UK coast so you can record anywhere you are diving or snorkelling. The searches can be carried out on their own, with your club or on organised seasearch weekends. They can be done at your favouriste site on a regular basis to track seasonal changes or at new sites which haven't been recorded yet.   

The information collected by Seasearch divers helps everybody responsible for marine nature conservation to identify what’s special about different areas, what’s going on that may be affecting them and to make informed decisions about protection or regulatory measures.

Seasearch makes a difference! Seasearch records, from recreational divers, have already made a big difference to how much we know about British and Irish marine life. We have collected over 30 years of data, all submitted by volunteers.

From spiny lobsters to seagrass, we have plotted new records and led to new measures for protecting the most important sites in different areas.

And Seasearch volunteers have also spotted new or previously unrecorded species in Britain and Ireland. But there is much more to learn…which is where you come in.

You don’t have to be an expert to start off with because we’ll teach you what you need to know to become a Seasearch recorder on one of our training courses.

You just need to be interested in the marine environment and want to learn more.


Discover more by visiting the Seasearch - Home 

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