Our Previous Volunteers

Joe Richards

Joe was a Marine Ranger here for two years from 2017-2019. During that time he took part in a vast range of different projects, from running rockpool rambles to surveying the seabed within the Reserve using the latest technologies.

Joe now works for Blue Marine Foundation as Project Officer for the Berwickshire Coast. He still works closely with us to deliver our projects.

Lyle Boyle

Lyle was our Marine Ranger in 2019. He had recently graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and was looking to put this learning into practice. Lyle was a fantastic asset to the team - engaging and knowledgeable.

Lyle left to go to Aberdeen University to study a Master’s degree in Marine
Conservation Management. His experience at the Marine Reserve has helped focus what
direction he would like to take his career. 

Andrew Boon

Andrew was our Ranger in 2017 undertaking a wide range of activities, such as this photo of him carrying out a seashore safari with local children.

After leaving the Berwickshire Marine Reserve, Andrew now works for Northumberland Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority as a researcher into Brown Crab population dynamics.