Lobster Hatchery and Marine Education Centre

Situated at the hippodrome in Eyemouth, the BMR have set up a marine education centre and lobster hatchery. 

The aims for this project are to educate the public on the local fishing industry and marine life, while raising baby lobsters to juveniles, to be released back into the sea, from which they have a better chance of survival. 

A female lobster can have over 20,000 eggs, of which 1% will survive to become an adult. From the juvenile stage, the lobster will take around 7 years until becoming large enough to be able to be landed by fishermen. 

The hatchery and centre will be open on Saturday's between 10am - 3am for the public and groups can book to come throughout the week by giving us an email. 

Since opening the middle of January we have had over 600 visitors and have secured funding to continue the project on. We are currently closed but will be opening up again in April for the school holidays! 

If you have adopt a lobster click here to find out where it is.  

If interested in our progress report, you can find it here.

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