Educational Projects

Working closely with our partners Blue Marine Foundation and St Abbs Marine Station, we have braved the elements and the frost mornings to spend the day out at sea with the local fishers to assess the size, sex and health of the animals they are pulling up in their pots – or creels. By linking this to temperature collected at various locations within the boundary of the Reserve, we can build a picture of how this is affecting catch rates over time.

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Virtual Reality

Become an Underwater Explorer by taking an immersive tour of the Reserve, bringing you face to face with some of the Reserve's most famous inhabitants...


Rockpool Rambles

Come and join in the fun as we explore the weird and wonderful world of the rock shore! 

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360 Filming

Experience the wonders the

world-famous dive sites of the BMR without getting your feet wet!


We are committed to ensuring our beaches are clean, keeping them free from litter that could harm both humans and wildlife. We survey the marine litter we find to report nationally so that it can be used to influence decision makers and change production and manufacturing solutions.