Discover the Berwickshire Marine Reserve  

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Habitat Maps

Find out more about the seabed of the Marine Reserve and the life it supports…



The Berwickshire Marine Reserve is renowned for being a world-class diving site. The range of inshore habitats are populated by animals not found anywhere else in the UK...



As the tide rises over the rockpools, they burst to life and transform into forests and canopies full of life. You don't have to dive deep to see what the Berwickshire Marine Reserve has to offer!

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Whether it's diving, snorkelling, rockpooling or walking the coastal path, there will always be something amazing to see...


Fishing & Angling

Fishing has long been embedded into the history of Berwickshire. The Reserve sustains a sustainable commercial fishery as well as recreational angling...

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The cliffs and rock formations lining the Reserve offer a spectacular coastal walk and are home to thousands of nesting seabirds in the summer months...