Seasearch Diving 

Each year divers and snorkellers descend upon the Berwickshire Marine Reserve for it's world renowned clear waters and extreme diversity of marine life. 

In 2022 we partnered with Seasearch Scotland to provide training to local divers and snorkellers to complete their Seasearch Observer qualification. As well as engaging with the local diving and snorkelling community, the data gathered from will look to build upon the evidence collected as part of our intertidal Marine Monitoring project and will enable us to build a better picture of marine life within the reserve.

Seasearch is a project for snorkelers and divers who want to help collect information about the marine environment by recording what they are seeing under the water. It is run by the Marine Conservation Society who over the last 30 years, with the help of volunteer surveyors, have been able to gather vital evidence used to inform on decisions for marine protection and regulation!

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Key Information & How to Sign Up 

The Observer course is an introductory two day course aimed at divers and snorkellers new to recording British marine wildlife and habitats. You will learn how to recognise and record essential information about seabed habitats and marine life using the Seasearch Observer form. The course will prepare you to undertake surveys independently, with your club, or on an organised Seasearch event.

Bookings can be made through the below email address for the BMR Seasearch Observer course in June 2022.

Date: 4th & 5th June 2022


Location: Eyemouth 


Cost: £75pp with a £25 reimbursement once 5 observer forms are submitted. 


Spaces Available: 20


Booking: seasearch@mcsuk.ork


Lead Tutor: Iain Dixon