Citizen Science Projects


Citizen Fins 

Seen any bottlenose dolphins lately? Find out how your photos can contribute to national data.


Community Monitoring 

Scotland’s coastlines and waters are a special place for marine habitats and wildlife.


The Community-led Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Project encourages everyone to get involved in the survey and monitoring of marine life in their local waters.


Creel Recycling

Fancy a recycled lobster pot for your garden? Click to find out more. 

nurdel 1.jpg

The Great Nurdle Hunt

Nurdles are invading our beaches! Never heard of a nurdle before - click to find out. 


The Great Egg Hunt

No, this is not an Easter egg hunt - it's way better!! Ever heard or found a mermaids purse on one of our beaches? We need your sightings!

beach clean.jpg

Beach Cleans

Our beach cleans don't only help keep our beaches clean and tidy, they also provide data to the marine conservation society - get involved!

Sea Slug - POLYCERA_ON_SEA_MAT_1.jpg

Wildlife Sightings

The Marine Conservation Society are collecting data on the presence of multiple marine creatures throughout the UK. Click below to find out if any marine species you've seen are on their list.