360 Filming

The Berwickshire Marine Reserve has long been known for its world class diving experiences, owing to the unique biodiversity of its waters. However, we understand that diving can be an expensive hobby and not always the most accessible of activities.

We have come up with a solution to this problem… bring the marine world to dry land!


We have been busy filming the best dive sites within the Reserve using 360⁰ cameras, creating an immersive underwater experience which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. This page showcases just a selection of the footage taken using this amazing technology. More footage can be viewed on our Interactive Map of the Reserve. 

Please note, if you are using a mobile device, is it best to view the 360 videos through the YouTube app to get the full immersive experience! 

Dive Sites

Black Carrs
The Glanmire
Weasel Loch.jpg

We have plenty more videos where they come from! Head over to our interactive map of the Reserve to browse through all of our dive and snorkel sites!

Are you a diver or snorkeler and are interested in taking out our 360⁰ cameras within the Reserve to record your own underwater experience? If so, please contact us.